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My healing.....

They say that life isn't fair.  I have always said life is what you make of it; that you are in control of your destiny.  God will be there to steer you when you need it.  However sometimes you ignore the direction he is telling you to go and you head down the wrong path.  You get deeper and deeper on that path and you find you just cannot turn around to get back to where you belong and hopefully you stop and ask yourself how can I get back.  Other times you believe you can get back on your own without asking for help because you don't want anyone to know you have lost your way.   My daughter was on that wrong path and she just could not get back and she did not stop and ask for help.   She thought they were her friends but she could not see that because the demons had a greater hold on her; greater than anyone can imagine.  Unfortunately she left us last month and is now is a better place.   My heart hurts but I know in my mind that I could not help her although I tried.