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Southwest Florida sunset

This is not one of the best sunsets but it is a good one since the weather has not been the best Florida weather the past couple of weeks. I know boohoo from those of you in the snowy tundra.

Art work Friday...

Crazy dog, crazy dog....oh to have as much energy as Colby does. We were just playing tonight and I just started snapping away. I thought this was too cute. Makes him feel like a big dog. Thanks to DeeDee at ddzine for hosting Art work Friday.

Jewelry Thursday...

Sorry I missed jewelry Thursday last week I was traveling, driving actually to my home in Florida. Yes, I drive because I travel with my dog. So here I am.
Black Tie's piece is a bracelet.
I call it Black Tie event because inside the rings I have black and crystal Swarovski crystals strung.
The bracelet is made with sterling silver rings, called jump rings. The rings are all attached in a pattern.

The style is called Chain Maille. I already have other colors planned for summer.


Sunny Florida

Blue skies

Blue water

No snow shovels

No warm hats and gloves....

Yes, life is good !!

Art work Friday

As we watched the snow fall this week totally 15.5 inches in one day and trying to keep a path clear for the dog I experimented with taking a few pictures at night. I thought they turned out pretty neat. Enjoy.

Jewelry Thursday....

In trying to keep a theme going on Thursday's here is another piece of jewelry that I have made. This bracelet is made with a kidney shaped chain and Swarovski crystals. The crystals are attached inside each link using a flexible piece of sterling silver wire. If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces I add just send me an email at Hope you like it.

Saturday snowstorm sunset...

I almost missed this sunset.

Snowy Saturday...

Here we are with more snow. I know I should be in Florida but family stuff has kept me here. We awoke to about 6 inches and it continued to snow until about 11A with an additional 3 or so inches. Just a few shots before the snowblowing and shoveling started. I hope you are warm and toasty where ever you are!

Art Work Friday...

Thanks to DeeDee at ddzine for inviting us to join her for Art Work Friday...

I took this shot the end of January when there was a full moon. It was just amazing even though it was trying to hide in the clouds.

Jewelry Thursday...#2

I was trying to figure out which piece of jewelry to display today but simply ran out of time. With helping Beverly paint my dining room ceiling and then doing snow removal yesterday for the 2 or so inches we received I was pooped. So here are a few pics of some of my jewelry making stuff.

Now since you really don't know me here is a quick history. When I learn something new and start doing whatever it is, it is never half way. I get into it...full force. So I have all kinds of beads and Swarovski crystals and pendants and well you name it I have it.

I recently purchased tools and supplies to make stamped jewelry. The kind that may have your children's names hammered onto a round sterling silver disc hanging from a charm bracelet or necklace. I also have been teaching myself how to make all sterling silver bracelets with what they call jump rings. The technical name is chain maille. And I also started making soy wax candles with my daughter's help. So I have all kinds of stu…

Makeover Monday finale....

Thanks to those reading my mess of a blog yesterday. Today Beverly returned, thank goodness and we finished the ceiling.

We left the one tape line up from yesterday and we added a second one today approximately 1 inch inside yesterdays. That is to paint the contrasting color.

The color is gold which is painted inside the tape lines and free hand at each corner which is where the dinner plate came in. Beverly does the free hand stuff and I do better with painting inside the lines.

Just a little bit of touch up with the ceiling white after the tape was removed.
Then the final addition was added. This pattern around the light. No it is not a painted stencil, it is a stencil that you rub on. Don't you love it.

Here is the best shot I could get....taa da...the finale. It really looks great in person. It gives a warmer feel to the entire room. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to stop over to and check out her room makeovers.

Makeover Monday...step 5

This is the final step for today which is painting the main color. I hope you will be back tomorrow to view the completed ceiling.

Makeover Monday...continued

step 4....remember to paint inside the lines

Please excuse me....

as I am new to this blogging idea and as you can see I'm trying to get my Makeover Monday in sequence which is not working well so I wanted to apologize for it. I promise to get better at it! Thank you for understanding....Jude

Makeover Monday step 1...

First meet Beverly she is a dear friend and happens to be the star of her own painting and wallpapering business. Hi Beverly..what a great friend to have.
The first step is to make marks on the ceiling a certain distance from the wall as to where you want to do this new design. Beverly has decided 14 inches would be a good based on the size of the room.

Makeover Monday step 3...

Before you draw the semi circle you want to mark how far in from each corner you want the semi circle. In this case she chose 8 inches. It looks softer; her words not mine. You could leavethe corners square but howboringisthat !!

I really like Beverly she brings her own plate to draw a semi circle on all corners.

Makeover Monday step 2...

After marking the ceiling the same distance from all walls, you then tape the area where you marked. This requires an extra hand. That would be me; sorry no picture because I'm always the one behind the camera. Be sure the tape is straight and this may require a few redo's then maybe not.

Today I will call it Makeover Monday...

not for me which would require a year of Monday's, but for my Dining Room ceiling. Right now it looks like pretty boring as most ceilings do. Just plain white paint.