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Unusual finds...

Several years ago I had the opportunity to travel the Intercoastal Waterway to Florida.  Being a boat owner this was a dream of mine.  Unfortunately I knew my husband and I would never do this with our boat because of the cost alone, however my dream was achieved.  Great friends of ours that we met through boating were planning their trip to Florida; with their boat; and they were looking for a few good "deck hands".   When I was asked if I was interested in going I had all I could do to contain my excitement.  I did actually give it some thought for maybe a day before I said yes; which was really just getting approval from my husband. Getting approval only meant that he would have to take care of the pets and of course all the office work that I did for his business.    So that year, the Saturday after Thanksgiving we pulled away from the dock about 630A for at least a 10 day to 2 week trip.  What a rush that moment was.  I still think about it.  There were only 5 of us,

Reflections of the sunrise

I caught this shot Saturday morning about 645A.  About an hour later the sun was peaking about the tree line on the mountains.  This is the reflection of the sun on the clouds.  At the time I caught this shot it was very peaceful outside; reminding me of the mornings on Sanibel Island, FL just minus the sounds of the ocean.  I hope each one enjoys the week the lies ahead.


The dogs love to rumble, especially in the morning.  I tried to get a good shot but this was the best one before I had to give them a time out before one of them got hurt. Jackson, the one on top and the smaller of the two, thinks he is the dominant one until Colby gets a bit more agressive...out of my face and leave me alone....They bark at each other, chase each other and of course bite each other but not that they hurt each other. I usually step in before that happens.  It's all play and usually for only a few minutes then it's nap time. 

Getting ready for the high school prom...

...well not really. just add 45 years.....  My sister-in-law Gwyn and her husband Jay.  Just adding the final touches before heading out.  We had the joy of family visiting this past weekend.  My husband's sister and her husband were in town for her 45th High School Reunion.  They had a fun filled weekend visiting with friends and family of friends.  My brother-in-law even took time to attend a "Going Green" show in Kempton, PA.  So here they are before heading out for a fun night.....   Thanks for visiting and we are glad you had a great time!  

Busy at work...

Busy little bee at work....

Great ending to a wonderful holiday weekend....

Sunset on the Sassafras River in Maryland.  Taken Saturday evening.