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Art Work Friday

Finally, I was able to get at least one picture of the beautiful cardinal that has been singing to me in the morning. He sits atop a post on our deck and the only way to get a picture is from my kitchen window.  I need to be still because I see him watching and then I only have one shot before he flies off.  So I'm sure I will get other opportunities but at least enjoy this one.  Now please disregard the unsightly background.  We took our above ground pool out 2 years ago, yes 2 years ago and now we are taking the river rock that we had all around it and piling it up, and then we will need to get some a lot of fill.  Then figure out what kind of patio we want there.  This will probably take another 2 years. Have a great day where ever you are!

Art Work Friday...

I am sorry to see the my niece, DeeDee will only be participating in Art Work Friday's monthly.  I'm sure she is busy doing other things.  I know I will miss her postings.  Along with making jewelry I also started making candles. I use soy wax because it burns cleaner.  It does not have the puff of black smoke as it is burning.  So as part of Art Work Friday for the next few weeks I will be blogging about candle making. 

Currently my candle making space is in my laundry room where I have counter space.  This is just some of my materials.

These are some candles my daughter made.  They are a light purple color with lavender scent.
Just a few bottles of scents that I have. 
So come on back next Friday to see more of my candle making.

Jewelry Thursday....

Welcome to Jewelry Thursday
I made this necklace using Swarovski Crystals and Sterling Silver Chain. I love the various shade of green and the splash of topaz.  I added a Sterling Silver pendant and added crystals to it threading the wire up into the pendant and attaching it to the longest strand.  I finished it using a magnetic clasp.  As always you can contact me to purchase any item you see.  My email address is See you soon....

Hopefully a new addition....

the four legged kind.  I have been trying and trying to get another dog for company for Colby, my male, neutered shih tzu.  I completed an adoption application while in Florida and they called and did the phone interview and then 2 weeks went by and nothing.  Now I'm back in PA and have completed an application with a rescue place in New York and I'm waiting, and waiting... Here is the picture of the shih tzu I'm interested in.  Her name is Mushi (moo shee). 

I'm also thinking about completing the adoption application for this little cutie called Christmas Cookie.  Now I'm only looking to adopt one, not both.  Let me know your thoughts.

Ahhhh Spa Day...continued

What a fun time I have with my best friend Jeann.  We had worked together for the same corporate travel agency many years ago and have been best friends since.  Our wedding anniversaries are only days apart although not the same year.  I remember watching her youngest child, as a baby.  That "baby" is now a sophomore in college.  Where has the time gone.  Here is my friend Jeann....

The spa we went to today was previously known as "Doe Mountain Ski Area".  More than 20 years ago my husband Bud, myself and my daughter Jennifer went there to learn to ski.  We never made it off the bunny slope but we had fun.  We did progress through the years and have gone to many other resorts.  Back to the today and many, many changes it is known as Bear Creek Mountain Resort.  It is a conference center, hotel, spa and has several restaurants.  I was speechless because today was the first time in a very long time that I had been there.
This is part of the ski slopes.  As you…

Spa Day...

Today is Spa Day with my best friend Jeann, you will meet her later.  
So check back later today.....looking forward to having some fun!!!


My daughter took these shots about a week ago and just wanted to share them.  They are of the sun rising taken from the front porch of our home in PA.  Enjoy and hope you have a great day!!!

Where's Waldo.....

Danger...keep out....this area is a hard hat area..... LOL...
Well not really about finding Waldo; it's just a funny picture of my husband.  I would call myself a very organized person.  I remember where I put items even when not in there proper place. I'm not an OCD personality, well maybe sometimes.  Any way today's post is my husband, Bud.  As you can tell he is not, in any way, shape or form an organized person.  This is our 2 car garage at our home.  He is working on the generator for our boat, another day's post.  He has tool cabinets for everything, he had boards to hang up tools; but looking at this picture do you think he uses it?  He gets a tool out, uses it and then sets it down on the floor even if he is done with it.  It drives me crazy.  I hope you had a chuckle at this and enjoy your day!

Art work Friday...

Welcome to Art work Friday and also Happy Spring.  After a dreaded winter and more snow than we wanted; our temperatures this week have been more like August than April.  I had to stop myself from turning on the a/c.

Today's photos are Colby taking time to smell the flowers.  He felt the need to get in there to also help get the flowers planted.  Don't forget to swing on over to ddzine's blog to see what DeeDee may have for Art work Friday.  Have a great weekend. 

Texas sunset...

Greetings to my fellow bloggers.  Sorry that I have not had anything to say later, such a  I have been traveling and am currently back in PA and with the holiday and dreaded tax time I have not had time to post anything.  So today's post is thanks to my dear friend and great neighbor Linda.  This is her contibution to my blog.  Linda is currently in Texas helping her mom get back on her feet after hip surgery.  Her mom fell at excercise class.  Not quite sure how it happened but it did.  So as she had a few minutes to breath and think she captured this from her iphone.  Hope you enjoy and check back soon for updates.  Also, thanks to Linda for her contribution.