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I know it is only near the end of August but my boating season has come to a close.  You see I will be returning to Florida next month.  We moved our boat Saturday further down on the Chesapeake Bay where it will be for the next year.  As we were entering the marina we saw this cute little boat.  It looked like a very large round barrel.  Too darn cute! I cannot imagine how small it must feel inside but how neat to be anchored out for a night, under the stars just relaxing and watching the night go by! 

Good ole fashion windmill...

I'm participating in Skywatch Friday today.   This picture was taken at the Bully Hill Winery. 

Finger Lake region

Here are a few pictures from my trip to the Finger Lake region last month. It was a great time with my friends Linda and Joyce, visiting with family in the area and just plan relaxing. Have a great day!

Proud to be an American.....

I am linking up to Hey harriet and participating in Shadow Shot Sunday.   My neighbor proudly displays his patriotism and on a recent day that we had a nice breeze I was able to capture this shot. 

new addition...

...gotcha.... No, I'm not adding dogs or cats at least not now, no really. My new addition is for my camera.  I just received my Lensbaby kit.  Ashley at Ramblings and Photos had shown some of her work with this lens a few months ago and it was really neat to see something different. So I've been reading about it on several review sites and decided to purchase it for myself.  I cannot wait to try it out so be sure to check back. Have a great day!

A few pictures from our trip to NYC

I only took a few pictures of our day trip to NYC; that was when we saw Cirque du Soleil.  I used my Nikon Coolpix P60.  I have not done any editing so there are straight out of the camera (SOOC).


Okay, I know change is frightening for all of us whether we want to admit it or not.  So I am taking a leap of faith here..... I have changed my blog address and hopefully you will not have any problems logging onto my original one until it is converted.  My hope the next months will be submerging myself into learning and practicing and learning some more about photography with the hopes of taking pictures of more than just my dogs and the house cat and getting off that oh so comfortable "automatic" mode.  There are more options on that dial than "auto".  I will still post about other unrelated items and occasionally you will still see the dogs and cat.  So wish me luck....change...I'm scared!!!1 Oh, the new name for my existing blog I know...not very original and for sure I will not have an identity crisis.... I'm hoping you won't have any problems but if you do please send me an email at friend


After another trip to the vet for yet again more testing it may seem that we just have a neurotic cat. Yesterdays testing included a skin scraping in the area of his fur loss to check for mites; cat mites.  Yes, cats have their own version of mites....go figure..they like to be different.  He was also tested for feline leukemia and was negative. We changed his food about two weeks ago at the suggestion of the vet just in case he has built up some tolerance to the store bought brand of food and he was switched to Blue Buffalo (found at Petco) and yes costs' about 4 times more than store brand.  Blue Buffalo is a holistic food for pets and came highly recommened by my vet in Florida.  I have been feeding it to my dogs, not the cat food version although they do get cat food treats when Dexter gets his nighttime snack and Dexter gets dog food treats when the dogs get fed.  So one thing for sure is the pets will never go hungry at my house.  The humans on the other hand well we bette