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my dear neighbor from Florida is coming for the week.  She told me she wanted to get out of the heat and I told her maybe Alaska would be cooler!  HAHA!!!!

We will be going to upstate New York, wine country, for a few days meeting up with a dear friend of hers from Buffalo and on Friday she and I will be headed to NYC to see Cirque Du Soleil:  Zarkana.  Lucky for us she was watching the news and low and behold they were talking about it.  A text and phone call later and walla! we have tickets. 

This is a new show for Cirque.  I've been to their show in Orlando called La Nouba and all I can say is WOW!  I will probably have to see it a second time because of everything that takes place.

So stay tuned for some fun pictures, I hope.  I just have to remember to take the camera like a good blogger!  Have a great week and stay cool my friends!!


Well, still nothing from the vet.  They said the fur testing could take up to 3 weeks.  Hopefully we will know soon.  If nothing from the fur testing then back to have more blood drawn for other tests.  Apparently when they drew blood the first time they did not think to test for everything.  Time to see one of the other vets in the practice.  He does not seem to be bothered by still eats and drinks, chases the dogs and oh yeah he does sleep a lot.  But isn't that what cats do, especially older ones.

I will keep you posted as we hear any news.  Have a great day and stay cool!


such a cat he is....Here he is just relaxing in the morning sun under a plant (in the house).  Although he we love, love, love to be outside we are limiting his outside time for a few reasons....its to blasted hot and he has started to lose his fur on his belly.  It looks like he was shaved and we are not sure why.   Blood work was done and came back okay now just waiting for the test results on his fur.  Who knows......enjoy your day.