my dear neighbor from Florida is coming for the week.  She told me she wanted to get out of the heat and I told her maybe Alaska would be cooler!  HAHA!!!!

We will be going to upstate New York, wine country, for a few days meeting up with a dear friend of hers from Buffalo and on Friday she and I will be headed to NYC to see Cirque Du Soleil:  Zarkana.  Lucky for us she was watching the news and low and behold they were talking about it.  A text and phone call later and walla! we have tickets. 

This is a new show for Cirque.  I've been to their show in Orlando called La Nouba and all I can say is WOW!  I will probably have to see it a second time because of everything that takes place.

So stay tuned for some fun pictures, I hope.  I just have to remember to take the camera like a good blogger!  Have a great week and stay cool my friends!!


  1. Sounds fantastic. Enjoy your visit and your night out. Have a great time!!

  2. That is something I have always wanted to see.
    Oh please, show us pictures.
    I'd say have a good time but I know you will.

  3. What a fun adventure this will be. I live near the finger lakes and know you will enjoy all the wineries.

  4. Can't wait to see your photos!
    Dee Dee


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