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Another round of sand sculptures....

This week is the World Sand Sculpture Contest.  So off to the beach I went today.  I know the folks in the cold north are saying to themselves...."stop torturing us with how nice the weather is today, beautiful blue skies, breezy...oh what a wonderful day in paradise"...blah, blah blah!!!  Enjoy this round of pictures and by the way... Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas this season!

Sand sculpture contest at Fort Myers Beach, FL

What a great day is was, first to go away from the house and secondly to the beach.  The sand sculptures were amazing, such detail and to have their patience....WOW!!! Enjoy!!!! Just amazing!  Have a great day!!

Oh where have I been....

I've been a very bad blogger!!!!!  I'm hoping to have some great pictures this weekend as there is a sand sculpting event at the beach.  So please, please come back.  I promise there were be some new stuff.