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Trying something new....

Last weekend my friend and I went to Sanibel Island for the weekend!  The weather was great and Sanibel was quiet as usual, at least for now until the "snow birds" come to town.  Anyway, she recently started painting and she brought her supplies with just in case the weather was bad, like that ever happens!  Friday night she painted while I watched, I'm not a painter unless it walls, ceilings, etc. you get the picture.   Saturday night after dinner out came the supplies and I thought, okay, lets try it.  I had been thinking about what I might paint, or at least attempt. So here is my first attempt:  It was very relaxing while painting the first one so after returning home I ventured to Michael's and picked up some of my own art supplies and last night, after a frustrating day at the office, I painted this: Looking forward to continued improvement!  Have a great rest of your week!