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Where has the time gone...

The time goes by so fast. January has been a month of visitors. The last of visitors are snuggled in their own beds. It was nice to be with great friends and family. A lot has happened in the blog world. Bloggers redoing entire homes Bloggers downsizing and moving into smaller homes Bloggers making holiday ornaments Bloggers bird watching Bloggers making exciting and yummy recipies ...the list goes on. I've been reading when I have had time Now I get to blow the dust of my camera and get back in action. Have a great Friday and weekend. May you find peace and happiness in whatever you have planned.  

Baby it's cold outside....,

Yes, even here in southwest Florida.  The weather forecast for tonight, Tuesday, Jan 3 is temperatures down to freezing.  Brrrrrrrr!!!!!! I know, oh boo hoo sad that even you have to endure the cold temps in Florida!! Us Floridians do not like the cold.  Hey, I'm still wearing sandals! Happy Tuesday my fellow bloggers.