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Saturday morning treat

After another long week of work, what was I thinking....yes cash....I decided to give myself a sugar treat.  Just look at those cookies.  My neighbor and I took a run to a specialty store called "The Sandy Butler".  It the type of store where you leave your credit cards, debit cards and cash at home.  The have a variety of specialty items from cheese to jam to wine and even ready made meals.  WOW.  So I afforded myself this container of cookies.  Yummy!

So I had one or two no maybe three....lost count with a cup of coffee and now I will close the lid before I eat any more.  Have a great weekend....

So what is my job...

A few of my blog followers have inquired exactly is it that keeps me from my blog. 

The full time job I have is working in a medical billing office here in Florida. I work in the front office with another person answering phones, filing, and doing whatever else is needed.  It's close to my home so it works fine for leaving at lunch to go home and let the dogs out.  I have worked for them over the past several years on a part time basis.  However this year their immediate needs changed and like they say being in the right place at the right time helps.  Plus my neighbor put a good word in for me as she is the one that got me the gig....she has been with them for a while.  

No, I'm not moving to Florida full time yet. That is my plan but there are too many things in PA to get rid of.  At least my husband has a lot of things to get rid of.  I've been cleaning out my things little by little every summer.   This summer it's time to sell off my downhill skis, boots, and eve…

Busy, busy, busy...

Wow, it has been a long time since my last post.  I'm still here and have been busy; busy working that is.  Yes, after about 12 years of not working I landed a job in Florida and when they offered me full-time, well I took it.  What was I thinking!  Now all the fun stuff I did throughout the week is jammed into the weekend and not all of it gets done. 

I had a friend visit for about a week, which I did take off but now its back to work.  While she was here we just hung out and did a few things.  She just wanted to relax and enjoy the wonderful weather and wonderful it was.

So I will need to do some better planning and get some posts ready.  I have a couple of items to get ready so come back soon.  Have a great week.