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Here we go again.....

Partly Cloudy Temperature: 91°F Feels Like: 106°     This is today's weather on Friday, July 23 at 345P.  Saturday is supposed to be worse.  No boating this weekend when all we would be doing is staying inside in the a/c.  We can do that at home.  Remember when we were complaining this past winter when we had this weather.     This year we have certainly seen both extremes; either too much snow or too much heat.   The heat index for Saturday is said to feel like 110 degrees. This is the forecast for Saturday in the Philadelphia/Washington DC area and areas north and south of that.  So stay inside, read, take naps do something that does not require you to go outside.  Stay cool and ha

Trip to Annapolis by boat...

We spent the weekend in Annapolis, MD at the Yacht Basin Marina.  Although the temps were off the chart and you broke out in a sweat without doing anything we still ventured out of the A/C. The Osprey's make their nests in the bouy markers.  We believe the one in the nest is the young one and the others are the parents.   I used my telephoto lens on my camera to get up close and personal. Once we get out into the Chesapeake Bay the trip is rather boring.  Just other boaters headed to their destination for the day. As we get closer to the Baltimore/Annapolis area there is more activity. This is the Chesapeake Bay bridge.  I travel over it on my drive to Florida and I am just in awe of it.  So I was thrilled to take pictures from the water.   It was very hazy as you can see.  The bridge is two spans, one southbound and one northbound.  The southbound is 2 lanes and northbound is three lanes.  It is very weird to be going southbound on the northbound span and that happens whe

It's raining, It's raining...

Three cheers for the rain.....Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray.... Finally, the much needed rain.  Not sure how much we will get but it is a nice, slow, steady rain.  We will take it, not complaining, wet dogs and all.   So keep it least for several hours...

Sunshine continued..

So you decide where you would rather be today Wednesday, July 7th ...I would rather be in Florida.... My neighbor in Florida told me the local news station interviewed a couple from New Jersey and they said they came to Florida because it was cooler than staying at home in New Jersey...    YUK !!! Emmaus, PA Weather Updated: Jul 7, 2010, 7:45am EDT Right Now Partly Cloudy 81° F Feels Like: 85° F Wind: Calm    Fort Myers, FL Weather Updated: Jul 7, 2010, 7:45am EDT Right Now Sunny 76° F Feels Like: 76° F Wind: From NNE at 7m  


is not all that it is cracked up to be; at least not right now.  Our weather here in the northeast has been more like Florida than PA.  I know I've said it before but alright already.  Where is the rain!   Yes, you heard me rain.  These temps are without the humidity factored in...and no rain in site.       Today Partly Cloudy High 97° F Precip: 10%

Who is this masked mascot?

So you are driving down the highway minding the road and your speed; don't need any speeding tickets on my very clean record.  As you are approaching a vehicle you are about to pass you see what you believe is a child letting their stuffed toy hang slightly out the window because you see the fuzzy something or other.  As you get closer and you pass this same vehicle you see not a child but a person in some sort of mascot costume.  You don't have the camera ready so your passenger crawls all the way in the back to retrieve it and now you slow down and wait for them to catch up to you.  Still waiting...the other vehicle was an older style Mercedes and I'm driving a Ford Excursion V10.  Gas guzzler but it's my truck.  Now for me that is painful part, the slowing down. I like to get in and get to where I'm going; but I did slow down so we could get this picture and laugh even harder as we let the "masked mascot" vehicle get next to us.  It looks like they h