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Approaching storm....

I usually shoot sunsets but tonight I thought I would get the approaching storm.  So you would think it was going to be a storm; but it was nothing more than a big bag of wind.  That's okay too as it took a lot of the leaves off the trees.   

Road trip continued....

 My uncle has always taken care of the wildlife at his homes, feeding them and making sure they have water.  Here are a few pictures of the deer that he takes care of every day.   He also has many bird feeders and the blue jays were in abundance.  Although I could not get a good shot of them as they were way too busy looking for their favorite seeds and then flying into the pine trees.  He recently added a fish pond, gold fish for now.  What a relaxing back yard he has....  The gold fish are smaller guys and have started their hybernation since the water temperature has dropped. And of course a sunset to end the day.... After a great day on Saturday visiting wineries and just taking in the breath taking scenery we had a nice dinner at home and then visited with some of their friends.  My Uncle Bob had an addition put on their modular home which was for his pub,  So here are a few pictures of fun in the pub, listening to music and chatting away... Uncle Bob is in the maroo

Roadtrip update part 1....

What a great weekend to head to the hills to take in the sights and a few spirits; not the ghostly kind.  My friend Phyllis and I had a great time visiting with my relatives in upstate New York in the Finger Lake region.  It is an annual visit for Phyllis and I as she has become a part of the family and my Uncle Bob and Aunt Colleen enjoy our visits. Our trip up the turnpike did include pulling over for a few pictures of the brilliant colors and a few wind mills way off in the distance on the top of the mountain.  A bit difficult to see but they were there.  . I was pleasantly surprised with the colors because of how dry our summer was.   We arrived in New York safe and sound with it raining and windy. Our destination was.... Hammondsport, NY located on Keuka Lake part of the Finger Lake region near Watkins Glen, NY. We spent Friday night just catching up and we did head out for a bit to eat.  Had a restful nights sleep and headed out the next day with cloudy skies and very

Weekend road trip......

Well, I wish I drove a Lamborghini, although I would prefer a red one.  On my bucket list but at the very bottom.  This may be the only item that I won't be able to check off.  Anyway, moving right along. My good friend and traveling companion Phyllis and I are heading out today for a weekend road trip.  We do have our destination planned and you will need to check back on Monday for pictures......  Have a great one as I know we will.  See ya !!!