Approaching storm....

I usually shoot sunsets but tonight I thought I would get the approaching storm.  So you would think it was going to be a storm; but it was nothing more than a big bag of wind.  That's okay too as it took a lot of the leaves off the trees.   


  1. That is one scary looking sky!
    It's that time of year and we are bracing ourselves for a strom this evening.
    I always think it's funny to see garbage cans all over the street, in the morning.

  2. This is such a wonderful photo, the colors are so rich and scary. We are bracing ourselves for 63mph wind today.
    Dee Dee

  3. A Halloween sky! Guess you gotta' rake up those leaves before you leave for Florida?

  4. And one big bag of wind it was. I believe I was flying over your house (Atlanta to Rochester) when you took that photo and it was a bumpy ride.
    No . . . I wasn't on a broom.

  5. I love a stormy sky! Keep those pictures coming!


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