A little change of scenery.....

This past weekend I was visiting with my old neighbor at her home in Michigan.

September is very nice in the Grand Rapids area, warm days and cooler nights. It was refreshing to escape the humidity of SW Florida.

There are sooooo many apple orchards in the area, and she chose one that she had not been too.  So here are just a few pictures.  No pumpkin patch or pumpkins.  Enjoy!



  1. !!!!!!!!! JUDY. !!!!!!!!
    !!!!!! Hi. !!!!!!!
    How have you been?
    You are still living in Florida. Are you still sailing!
    A little change of scenery is alway fun.
    Great to see your pictures. More??

    1. Hi Christine, yes, still in Florida and sailing has taken a back burner. My sailing partner, well, it wasn't her cup of tea. I will figure it all out, it is just a bump in the road. Getting back into taking pictures and getting out of the house. Work has been very busy and its time to stop thinking about work more than I would like to admit. Hope you and Tom are doing well. Your kitchen looks amazing and also, congrats on welcoming another grand baby. Hugs from Florida....Judy

  2. Hi stranger! So glad to be back!
    I've spent some time in Michigan and these photos make me wish I was there! Happy St Patrick's Day!


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