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Busy summer..

How about you?  I hope everyone is having a great summer.  It's been busy here in PA.   You see while in Florida I made a list of what I wanted to get done the few months I would be here but as many of you know that list always changes and mine was not exception. The list was to paint the family room and get new carpet and then paint and get the carpet cleaned in my daughter's bedroom.  The family room is paneled so I knew it would be at least a 2 week project.  So as I settled back in and started looking around the main level of the house.  My friend Beverly, you have met her before during the dining room ceiling change, she kept telling me "take the wallpaper off the bottom half of the dining room walls, it will look so much more elegant."  The top half (above the chair rail) is painted.  So I thought day later the wallpaper was off and I was calling her asking okay now what. The now what was to then scrub the backing and glue off, not too bad b

Happy first day of summer.....

You would have thought that summer started about a month ago with the high temperatures across the country.  But oh no, officially it starts today at 1:16PM.   Happy Summer everyone!!!!!

On the road again...

Well I was on the road earlier this week.  I'm back and settled in Pennsylvania but only for a few short months then back to Florida.  You see that job I had in the Sunshine State....they are going to hold the position for me and welcome me back with open arms right after Labor Day.  Woohoo....Life is good.  As for the duck; well when I left she was still sitting on an empty nest.  So how long will she stay there until she realizes there are no ducklings?  Does anyone know?  I'm looking forward to getting back to my blog along with jewelry and candle making.  So stay tuned.....Have a great weekend!