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Happy Holidays to all this season.  My zip code has changed to a more pleasant temperature for a couple of months and boy am I excited.  No turtlenecks, the socks are off and the sandals are on.   Here is how we spent our Christmas Day.  I apologize in advance to everyone out there in the frozen tundra.  Driving over the Causeway on our way to..... Sanibel Island.  Say hello to my daughter, Jennifer. wild flowers growing on the dunes on the beach... can you feel the warm sand between your toes... an Osprey nest... a happy ending to a great day.   Thank goodness for self timers on the new cameras.... Happy New Year!!!!

Holiday giving....

Over the past several years, probably 5 plus, our family stopped doing the dreaded Christmas shopping.  You see typically if we need something we go purchase it.  Our typical Christmas morning is waking up having breakfast and exchanging Christmas cards.  This year my daughter and I decided we would "adopt" a family through the Volunteers of America Organization .  We did not want to get into the present buying especially this close to the holiday and not knowing this family also played a big role in it. You see our "adopted" family is a single mom with 2 young boys, ages 3 and 7 and unfortunately she was just let go from her factory job because she could not get child care for her boys in order to work on Saturday's.  So we opted for buying groceries and also throwing in a grocery store gift card so she could buy the perishable items for her family.  Knowing the families circumstances we decided to get a few items for the boys and a few items to help mom

Pet bandanas

Don't forget about dressing up the family dog for the holidays.  Check out my Esty site for my handmade pet bandanas.  Go to  Here is a preview of Colby and Jackson sporting there everyday bandanas......So darn cute.....