Happy Holidays to all this season.  My zip code has changed to a more pleasant temperature for a couple of months and boy am I excited.  No turtlenecks, the socks are off and the sandals are on.  

Here is how we spent our Christmas Day.  I apologize in advance to everyone out there in the frozen tundra. 

Driving over the Causeway on our way to.....
Sanibel Island.  Say hello to my daughter, Jennifer.
wild flowers growing on the dunes on the beach...
can you feel the warm sand between your toes...
an Osprey nest...
a happy ending to a great day.  
Thank goodness for self timers on the new cameras....

Happy New Year!!!!


  1. Oh how I wish I was visiting with you! Your sun shine is so much warmer that mine right now! Love to you all!
    Dee Dee

  2. I'm sitting here so COLD!
    Looking at the sunshine,beaches and palm trees are getting me a little warmer.
    So, how long do you stay in Florida? My next vacation isn't until Feb.

    It looks so wonderful down there. Enjoy!

  3. We will be headed to Venice for a month in April. Don't use up all the sunshine before then.

  4. What an amazing way to spend the holiday. I am sooooo jealous!!!

  5. No envy from this corner, as you know!!! So glad you made it. HOoray!!!! (I'm far behind on reading my favorites blogs ....such a busy time here at "Camp Sunset for Seniors".)
    The first week we were here it was nippy -- I'm glad to have our FL weather back YAY!

    More later....


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