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Here is photo I took as part of my class assignment.  The assignment was to focus on one eye of your subject to focus the shot.  Well, since my subjects,  Colby and Jackson do not stay still long enough for me to get all the settings on my camera set I had to resort to the dog toy box.

Greetings from Florida....I cannot believe it is have a very long time since I had posted anything.  I guess life just gets in the way, which is sad.

This week I started an photography class, of course on-line, it is to get me off of auto mode on my camera and onto manual mode.  It is challenging to say the least.  I rely on the auto mode and all I had to do was push the button and there was a great picture.  Not so much on manual mode.  So many things to take into consideration and think about.

Here is one picture I just took testing all the setting on the camera.

Hope everyone is enjoy what life is bring to you!  Enjoy!