Here is photo I took as part of my class assignment.  The assignment was to focus on one eye of your subject to focus the shot.  Well, since my subjects,  Colby and Jackson do not stay still long enough for me to get all the settings on my camera set I had to resort to the dog toy box.


  1. Oh how I wanted those two to stay still long enough for pictures. Our dog, Lucy hated to have her picture taken, so I understand. Next time tell them it's for Christine and she needs to see them. heehee

    I like that you are taking a class. I really don't think you need it because you are already great!
    A Toy Box toy, very cute!!!

    1. Thank you. My class is taking my camera off the auto mode and learning all about the how to use all the other things on the camera.

      Also, I want you to know that I am sorry to hear about Lucy. She had a great life with you and Tom. Hugs....

  2. love the smile on the doggy toy! Looking forward to seeing all your upcoming class projects!

    Dee Dee


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