About me

A lot has certainly changed over the years with the blog so I thought it was time to update it.

First, I am no longer a "snowbird" as we have gracious been called.  I am and have been a full-time resident of Florida for 8 plus years.  My, my, time flies by.  I also am working full-time.

In 2017 I starting taking sailing lessons, living so close to the water I miss that part of my life and the peace it brings to me.  The goal is to purchase a boat, patience they tell me.

Photography has taken a back seat over time but I am ready to get back to it, blowing the dust off everything and start shooting.   Re-read all the material I have collected, re-watch all the videos, and re-take all the online classes I still have access to. 

Early in 2018 I was put to the task of making a difficult decision for one of my dogs, Colby.  Colby was for sure a people dog.  He loved to be with his people, whether that was at home or at doggie daycare.  His health took a turn for the worse, it was best for him and not necessarily for me, that I let him cross the Rainbow Bridge.  His sibling, Jackson, has certainly felt that loss but is doing great.

Again, follow me the the lens of my camera.  Have a great day!!

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