Weekend road trip......

Well, I wish I drove a Lamborghini, although I would prefer a red one.  On my bucket list but at the very bottom.  This may be the only item that I won't be able to check off.  Anyway, moving right along. My good friend and traveling companion Phyllis and I are heading out today for a weekend road trip.  We do have our destination planned and you will need to check back on Monday for pictures......  Have a great one as I know we will.  See ya !!!


  1. I will definitely check back for pictures. Have a great road trip!!!

  2. Road trip! Love road trips and how fun it will be with a girlfriend!

    PS Your header is precious!

  3. Have fun! Can't wait to see your photos!
    Dee Dee

  4. Hope it was a great one and can't wait to see the pix Jude.

    We have ended our Road Trip and are back at Ft Myers, but only temporarily for now. Monday we fly back to Oregon to visit kids etc -- we'll be back here in our Canal Cottage in December for the rest of the season.


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