Roadtrip update part 1....

What a great weekend to head to the hills to take in the sights and a few spirits; not the ghostly kind.  My friend Phyllis and I had a great time visiting with my relatives in upstate New York in the Finger Lake region.  It is an annual visit for Phyllis and I as she has become a part of the family and my Uncle Bob and Aunt Colleen enjoy our visits.

Our trip up the turnpike did include pulling over for a few pictures of the brilliant colors and a few wind mills way off in the distance on the top of the mountain.  A bit difficult to see but they were there.  .

I was pleasantly surprised with the colors because of how dry our summer was.  

We arrived in New York safe and sound with it raining and windy.
Our destination was....

Hammondsport, NY located on Keuka Lake part of the Finger Lake region near Watkins Glen, NY.

We spent Friday night just catching up and we did head out for a bit to eat.  Had a restful nights sleep and headed out the next day with cloudy skies and very windy.  Phyllis and I enjoy visiting a few wineries and some tastings.  Our first stop was Catharine Valley.  An older barn converted into a wine tasting/gift shop.  I did not take pictures inside any of the places we visited, too many other people that may not have wanted to be photographed.  

This was the view of Senaca Lake, the location of the winery.  Still very green grass and the leaves on the trees are just starting to fall .  As we headed back to the other side of Senaca Lake we came across waterfalls in a small village in Hector.  What an awesome sight and relaxing.  Too back they were on a major road as I could have pulled out a chair and just sat there all day.

I did send Phyllis across the road to get her picture.  She is always a good sport.  

Looking down and following the falls.  I was not sure how to get further down to get additional shots maybe next year.  

As we returned to town, Watkins Glen, we stopped at the park to get some pictures of Senaca Lake.  The lake has white caps as the wind was just blowing.  Senaca Lake is know as being more affected by the wind and this just proves it.

I will continue with addition photos from day 2 later today so be sure to check back. 


  1. Your trip looks like so much fun! The settings are beautiful, it makes me want to hop in the car and take a trip! Wish I lived closer, you might find yourself with a stow-a-way! Can't wait to see more photos!
    Dee Dee

  2. So glad you could visit our wonderful Finger Lakes. They are a gem. Our son's wedding was near the south end of Seneca Lake.

  3. Those pictures are beautiful and what a fun time you must of had.
    Spectacular waterfall!
    Thanks for the map, it was helpful to "see" just where you were.

  4. Oh a beautiful roadtrip -- perfect time for the fall colors. (And those are my kind of Halloween spirits too!)


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