Road trip continued....

 My uncle has always taken care of the wildlife at his homes, feeding them and making sure they have water.  Here are a few pictures of the deer that he takes care of every day. 

 He also has many bird feeders and the blue jays were in abundance.  Although I could not get a good shot of them as they were way too busy looking for their favorite seeds and then flying into the pine trees.  He recently added a fish pond, gold fish for now.  What a relaxing back yard he has....

 The gold fish are smaller guys and have started their hybernation since the water temperature has dropped.

And of course a sunset to end the day....

After a great day on Saturday visiting wineries and just taking in the breath taking scenery we had a nice dinner at home and then visited with some of their friends.  My Uncle Bob had an addition put on their modular home which was for his pub,  So here are a few pictures of fun in the pub, listening to music and chatting away...

Uncle Bob is in the maroon sweatshirt....

Aunt Colleen is there on the left with glasses

The winery my aunt works at decorated for fall

Over looking Keuka Lake from Dr. Frank's winery.  The grape vines are empty as they have been busy picking the grapes.  The view is just spectacular.  

A few decorated scarecrows in town.  Missed the festivities...maybe next year....

One last shot of Keuka Lake; all calm and sun drenched.  

I hope you enjoyed my short tour of the weekend.  I always enjoy heading up there.  Next year Phyllis and I decided to go in the summer to enjoy boating on the lake with Uncle Bob; maybe even a few shots of him water skiing.  Have a great week. 


  1. Oh boy! It looks like your visit was full of everything from wildlife, family, beautiful views, and fun! Thanks for sharing!
    Dee Dee

  2. Wow -- those two look like the most fun aunt and uncle EVER! They'd be fun to visit if they lived in (oh, what, some plain ordinary unscenic place)....but to top off everything they live in this cute town surrounded by that beautiful scenery. Your friend did exactly what I'd do in her shoes and adopted them as her own. Lovely visit.

  3. Oh my gosh--what an amazing place to visit. What an amazing place to LIVE!!


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