Who is this masked mascot?

So you are driving down the highway minding the road and your speed; don't need any speeding tickets on my very clean record.  As you are approaching a vehicle you are about to pass you see what you believe is a child letting their stuffed toy hang slightly out the window because you see the fuzzy something or other.  As you get closer and you pass this same vehicle you see not a child but a person in some sort of mascot costume. 

You don't have the camera ready so your passenger crawls all the way in the back to retrieve it and now you slow down and wait for them to catch up to you.  Still waiting...the other vehicle was an older style Mercedes and I'm driving a Ford Excursion V10.  Gas guzzler but it's my truck.  Now for me that is painful part, the slowing down. I like to get in and get to where I'm going; but I did slow down so we could get this picture and laugh even harder as we let the "masked mascot" vehicle get next to us.  It looks like they had as much fun as we did. 

This was taken on the PA Turnpike returning from a trip visiting family in Lebanon, OH. 

Hope you have a great day!!!


  1. Yup, you just pasted the true test of a Blogger.
    Sending your passenger diving for the camera AND getting a great picture of "it" waving.

    You get an A+

  2. How wonderful!
    Love the picture... well worth the slow down!
    Thanks for visiting us, we so enjoyed it!
    Dee Dee


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