Trip to Annapolis by boat...

We spent the weekend in Annapolis, MD at the Yacht Basin Marina.  Although the temps were off the chart and you broke out in a sweat without doing anything we still ventured out of the A/C.

The Osprey's make their nests in the bouy markers.  We believe the one in the nest is the young one and the others are the parents.  

I used my telephoto lens on my camera to get up close and personal.

Once we get out into the Chesapeake Bay the trip is rather boring.  Just other boaters headed to their destination for the day. As we get closer to the Baltimore/Annapolis area there is more activity.
This is the Chesapeake Bay bridge.  I travel over it on my drive to Florida and I am just in awe of it.  So I was thrilled to take pictures from the water.  

It was very hazy as you can see. 

The bridge is two spans, one southbound and one northbound.  The southbound is 2 lanes and northbound is three lanes.  It is very weird to be going southbound on the northbound span and that happens when they are doing construction.  Very weird feeling!

Just a closer shot of the bridge.  

The left span in the southbound lanes. 

We traveled to Annapolis just to get away and to walk around the USNA.

Not sure the name of this flowering tree but is was just beautiful.

These homes are on the academy grounds and called "Captain's Row".  How neat they all have the same awnings.  

Just another view of the homes.  Each home had the name of the family that resided there.  I really like the little sitting area.  
The dome of the chapel. Both my sister-in-laws were married in this chapel as their husbands were both graduates of the academy; the Class of '67.  One brother-in-law went Navy and the other brother-in-law went Marines. 

The front of the chapel.  Taken Sunday morning as people we headed to church. 

Headed to formation.  

This is a Bed and Breakfast just a stones throw from the USNA. The Innkeeper had just put out the flags. 

Brightly painted house in Annapolis just one block from the academy.

Just a great piece of art.  The children are being read to.  This is in the center of town.  Just a neat place for people to hang out at during the day. 

We had a great time despite the hot temperatures.  It was even too hot for ice cream!  
This is just a small sampling of our trip.  Hope you enjoyed seeing another part of the country.  
Have a great week and stay cool.....


  1. Love all the patriotic flags and the neat and tidy grounds.
    My favorite picture in "headed to

    Love seeing another part of our beautiful country. Even better when it's by boat.
    Thank you!

  2. What a lovely trip! It is really neat to see the bridge from below, vs. when I cross them with my eyes closed (not when I'm driving, of course). I would love to bring the kids out to visit the Academy, I think the last time I was there, I was pregnant with Zac! So glad you could enjoy it for me!
    Dee Dee

  3. What a beautiful place to visit. And how fun to get to go by boat.

    We have our little park model all closed up and are away from Ft Myers until next season. Hope it cools down some up your way as we travel.

  4. What fun photos. They remind me of boating on the St. Lawrence River in the Thousand Islands but I bet you didn't have to keep an eye out for rocks. I would love to sit a spell on those porches.

  5. What a beautiful place, so much to see and do. I think it is too hot everywhere!


  6. What great photos. It looks like a really nice trip. I'd love to get out there and see it for myself someday!


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