Baby it's cold outside....,

Yes, even here in southwest Florida.  The weather forecast for tonight, Tuesday, Jan 3 is temperatures down to freezing.  Brrrrrrrr!!!!!!

I know, oh boo hoo sad that even you have to endure the cold temps in Florida!!

Us Floridians do not like the cold.  Hey, I'm still wearing sandals!
Happy Tuesday my fellow bloggers.


  1. That IS Cold!
    Do you want to borrow a coat?

    How was your Christmas and New Year?
    Enjoyed your comment that you left about me toes.
    Yes, I should be putting them in the sand.

  2. Happy New Year!
    Please stay warm!
    Dee Dee

  3. I know -- how did this happen ;> Our blood has thinned out, we can't deal with this stuff. And of course we're expecting out-of-town company later this week, hope it warms up. And Hope we still have some citrus fruit left after this.


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