Another round of sand sculptures....

This week is the World Sand Sculpture Contest.  So off to the beach I went today.  I know the folks in the cold north are saying to themselves...."stop torturing us with how nice the weather is today, beautiful blue skies, breezy...oh what a wonderful day in paradise"...blah, blah blah!!!  Enjoy this round of pictures and by the way...
Happy Thanksgiving to all. 

Let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas this season!


  1. Wow it so makes me wish we all could have headed down to celebrate Thanksgiving with you!
    I love you very much!
    Dee dee

  2. That looks like a great event -- wish we'd been there (we're having fun getting there though; except today we are in New Orleans and it is FREEZING! Too cold to have fun!


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