Sand sculpture contest at Fort Myers Beach, FL

What a great day is was, first to go away from the house and secondly to the beach.  The sand sculptures were amazing, such detail and to have their patience....WOW!!!


Just amazing!  Have a great day!!


  1. Amazing photos.
    This year we have decided to extend our FL stay to two months {in Venice}. Hoping for a warmer winter this year!

  2. And to think all those sculptures are make out of sand. Tomorrow they will be gone, except on your blog.

  3. Amazing! Really something when the sculptors work so hard on something that's temporary. Great work -- and great pictures of it!. Wish we were there!

  4. Oh my these are amazing. Oh how I wish I was there in person to see them with you!
    I'm tired of unloading boxes! :)
    Dee dee

  5. Very cool - the detailing on that zipper is amazing!

  6. Absolutely amazing! I'd love to see them in person, but I can just picture my 6 year-old sneaking under the orange tape and doing a belly flop into one of them. That'll have to be an adults-only trip!


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