I know it is only near the end of August but my boating season has come to a close.  You see I will be returning to Florida next month. 

We moved our boat Saturday further down on the Chesapeake Bay where it will be for the next year.  As we were entering the marina we saw this cute little boat.  It looked like a very large round barrel.  Too darn cute!
I cannot imagine how small it must feel inside but how neat to be anchored out for a night, under the stars just relaxing and watching the night go by! 


  1. Judy -- that really WAS a short summer. I knew you were going back really early, but it sure came up fast.

    I assume you're keeping an eye on that hurricane that's brewing out there!

  2. Summer passes us by so fast, doesn't it? I never want it to end! But enjoy your trip back to Florida. I wish I was coming with you!!


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