After another trip to the vet for yet again more testing it may seem that we just have a neurotic cat.
Yesterdays testing included a skin scraping in the area of his fur loss to check for mites; cat mites.  Yes, cats have their own version of mites....go figure..they like to be different.  He was also tested for feline leukemia and was negative.

We changed his food about two weeks ago at the suggestion of the vet just in case he has built up some tolerance to the store bought brand of food and he was switched to Blue Buffalo (found at Petco) and yes costs' about 4 times more than store brand.  Blue Buffalo is a holistic food for pets and came highly recommened by my vet in Florida.  I have been feeding it to my dogs, not the cat food version although they do get cat food treats when Dexter gets his nighttime snack and Dexter gets dog food treats when the dogs get fed.  So one thing for sure is the pets will never go hungry at my house.  The humans on the other hand well we better start munching on the dog and cat food if we are going to survive!!!

So I believe that this will end the vet visits unless he starts losing his fur in more places then maybe I will just shave him !!  Have a great week.  



  1. This is intersting. Cat mites...
    A simple thing as that can cause such a heart ache.
    ~sigh of relief~
    We do love our animals, don't we.

  2. I think my comment got lost when I clicked off too soon. I'm glad Dexter's problems weren't more serious. But poor thing -- it may be all in his head, but I bet it still doesn't feel good.


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