Okay, I know change is frightening for all of us whether we want to admit it or not.  So I am taking a leap of faith here.....

I have changed my blog address and hopefully you will not have any problems logging onto my original one until it is converted.  My hope the next months will be submerging myself into learning and practicing and learning some more about photography with the hopes of taking pictures of more than just my dogs and the house cat and getting off that oh so comfortable "automatic" mode.  There are more options on that dial than "auto". 

I will still post about other unrelated items and occasionally you will still see the dogs and cat.  So wish me luck....change...I'm scared!!!1

Oh, the new name for my existing blog
I know...not very original and for sure I will not have an identity crisis....

I'm hoping you won't have any problems but if you do please send me an email at



  1. Congratulations! Big step.
    Will you be keeping this blog sight?
    I will join you on your new blog. I enjoy photography, so this will be fun to watch.

    Keep us posted on when.

  2. @ understanding is, if I read it correctly, only the name in the www will change. Same site...I think. I will keep you posted.

  3. Yay for you -- looks like you have your own web address now -- that's great. Are you using blogger or what other platform? I'm thinking about changing to another platform, using our web page "FullTime-Life" but I am afraid of losing what I have -- I don't want to start over. So I've been reading about changes is scary. So I'll be interested to follow your progress and if you have any words of wisdom let me know.

  4. Im so excited for you and can't wait to follow you thur this new adventure! Love ya... Dee Dee


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