Proud to be an American.....

I am linking up to Hey harriet and participating in Shadow Shot Sunday.   My neighbor proudly displays his patriotism and on a recent day that we had a nice breeze I was able to capture this shot. 


  1. I like the shadow of the waving flag on the house. Nice shot!

  2. When you see a flag at right angles to the pole, you know there's a good, stiff breeze!


    If shadows could jump,
    How high would they go?
    As high as the moon?
    Does anyone know?

    If shadows could weep,
    How long would they cry?
    As long as it takes
    To climb to the sky?

    If shadows could laugh
    And tell funny jokes
    Would you take them home
    And say, “Get this, folks!”?

    If shadows could wed,
    Would they prefer you
    Or somebody else
    To promise, “I do”?

    © 2011 Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadows and Sunflowers

  3. That's gorgeous! Visiting here for shadow shot.

    You can find my entry here, have a great week ahead!

  4. I love it when someone displays Old Glory in front of their home.

  5. It neat to see the differences between the flag and its shadow! great shot!
    dee dee


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