The dogs love to rumble, especially in the morning.  I tried to get a good shot but this was the best one before I had to give them a time out before one of them got hurt.

Jackson, the one on top and the smaller of the two, thinks he is the dominant one until Colby gets a bit more agressive...out of my face and leave me alone....They bark at each other, chase each other and of course bite each other but not that they hurt each other. I usually step in before that happens.  It's all play and usually for only a few minutes then it's nap time. 


  1. Fun, fun, fun... I am glad to see that Jackson is warming up to his bigger brother!
    Love ya... dee dee

  2. Cute puppies! It looks like one heap of black and white fur.

  3. The carpet where the frolics are taking place on is very interesting.


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