Busy at work...

Busy little bee at work....


  1. However did you mange to capture such a wonderful photo of a bee in action! I just love it!
    Dee Dee

  2. Remarkable creatures, especially when working! Great action picture.

  3. Jude -- that's a great picture! You really do live in two beautiful places!! when are you going back to Florida?

  4. Amazing photo! You need to blow that up to poster size and put it on your wall! Love it!!

  5. Amazing little insects. I've been watching bees in my garden today, and have a photo to post sometime. Your photo is fantastic, even more so when enlarged. x

  6. Jewels..that picture is amazing....

    Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments....I'm so blessed to have made such sweet blog friends who I feel like they are family...you read their blogs and you can't help but become attached and connected...



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