Jewelry Thursday...#2

I was trying to figure out which piece of jewelry to display today but simply ran out of time. With helping Beverly paint my dining room ceiling and then doing snow removal yesterday for the 2 or so inches we received I was pooped. So here are a few pics of some of my jewelry making stuff.

Now since you really don't know me here is a quick history. When I learn something new and start doing whatever it is, it is never half way. I get into it...full force. So I have all kinds of beads and Swarovski crystals and pendants and well you name it I have it.

I recently purchased tools and supplies to make stamped jewelry. The kind that may have your children's names hammered onto a round sterling silver disc hanging from a charm bracelet or necklace. I also have been teaching myself how to make all sterling silver bracelets with what they call jump rings. The technical name is chain maille. And I also started making soy wax candles with my daughter's help. So I have all kinds of stuff going on. So keep watching you never know what I may post next. Have a great day where ever you are !!
Just a quick note that all my items are for sale. I do have an etsy shop with a very small sampling of handmade jewelry. Stop on over to see it. The site address is:


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