Makeover Monday finale....

Thanks to those reading my mess of a blog yesterday. Today Beverly returned, thank goodness and we finished the ceiling.

We left the one tape line up from yesterday and we added a second one today approximately 1 inch inside yesterdays. That is to paint the contrasting color.

The color is gold which is painted inside the tape lines and free hand at each corner which is where the dinner plate came in. Beverly does the free hand stuff and I do better with painting inside the lines.

Just a little bit of touch up with the ceiling white after the tape was removed.

Then the final addition was added. This pattern around the light. No it is not a painted stencil, it is a stencil that you rub on. Don't you love it.

Here is the best shot I could get....taa da...the finale.

It really looks great in person. It gives a warmer feel to the entire room. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to stop over to and check out her room makeovers.


  1. Turned out wonderfully! It adds so much character to the ceiling and room! Great job to both you and Beverly! You are the sweetest!
    Dee Dee


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