Thursday, April 29, 2010

Art Work Friday

Finally, I was able to get at least one picture of the beautiful cardinal that has been singing to me in the morning. He sits atop a post on our deck and the only way to get a picture is from my kitchen window.  I need to be still because I see him watching and then I only have one shot before he flies off.  So I'm sure I will get other opportunities but at least enjoy this one.  Now please disregard the unsightly background.  We took our above ground pool out 2 years ago, yes 2 years ago and now we are taking the river rock that we had all around it and piling it up, and then we will need to get some a lot of fill.  Then figure out what kind of patio we want there.  This will probably take another 2 years. Have a great day where ever you are!


  1. Oh he is beautiful!
    Your patience paid off.

  2. Gorgeous photo!!! There is an endangered woodpecker here that I have tried desperately to get photos of, but he keeps flying off.

  3. How beautiful! He matches the ones we see from mom's kitchen window.
    Dee Dee


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