About me

A lot has changed since I started my blog, well at least I believe it has. 

I had been a snowbird, you know the type, spending the nice spring and summers in their homes in the north and then flooding the south during the winter seasons.  Well, that changed for me several years ago.  I have been living and working full-time in Florida while my husband, he doesn't like the Florida heat, continues to reside in Pennsylvania. 

My husband and I enjoyed our opportunities of boating on the Chesapeake Bay for many years, meeting great people that we can now call friends and enjoying being on the water.  Plus, I really do not like being inside when the weather is great. 

I have been interested in photography for sometime and have recently taken a few online classes and am working on getting the camera off "auto" mode and onto "manual" mode so I can control the settings.  Very scary!!

We also have two shih tzu's, Colby and Jackson.  They are not brothers but look like they could be.  The are were both abandoned and neglected and have a wonderful live enjoying the great weather and also going to doggie daycare. 

So follow me through the eyes of a lens.   Have a great day!!

Hurricane Irma

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