Our new addition to the family

Easter 2009 was not a good day for me as I had to make the decision of having my dog, KC, put to sleep. KC was a black and white shih tzu. We rescued him about 3 years earlier at the age of 9. Along with his age came a laundry list of health issues; one of them a heart murmur which is what took his life in the end. We had him to many specialists for his issues, including a behavioral vet for his "snarl, growl and bite" issue. That one was an easy fix with generic prozac. I would have never thought you could have a prescription filled for your pet at the local pharmacy. After that day I told myself there would be no more dogs and that lasted about 6 months.

You see I've had pets all my life with the exception of about 5 years. So I turned to petfinder to rescue another little life.

In early November 2009 we welcomed into our home Colby, a 2-3 year old shih tzu. We do not know anything about his past life only that he was pulled from the streets. He was matted, scared and very hungry. He is a ball of fun, loves car rides, going for a walk and sleeping in our bed; which happens a few times a week. He also likes being held like a baby. We will never know what put him out of his original home but now he will have a home forever! The picture is of Colby sporting his new fleece coat.

If you are thinking about adding a pet to your home consider adoption.


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