Dogs, dogs, and dogs

Well here we are at two weeks with Jackson and what great progress he is making.  I feel that all I've been doing is keeping the cat from attacking Jackson and making sure Jackson goes out on a regular schedule plus other house chores.  All is well with Colby and Jackson.  Jackson is bonding well, loves going for rides, he takes all the dog and cat toys out of the basket and puts them either in the cats beds which he lays in or on the chair you see him sitting it.  I call him the toy hoarder.  He does it every day, several times a day.

He sleeps in his new crate at night and Colby sleeps in his crate as well.  It is like having a two car garage in our if I could figure out a way to add automatic garage doors...too funny.  These crates are a little more expensive but I like them as they have wheels on the one end to move them around and with a bulging disc...that helps a lot.  Of course the cat sleeps on the top of the crate for part of the night. My next step is to move them both down stairs to sleep at night.  That will be an interesting challenge.   Animal Kingdom at it's best...  Have a great holiday weekend where ever you are!


  1. I'm so glad the pups are doing so well! I love your cages, or royal puppy rooms! I find it amazing how much the puppies look alike, almost like they were meant to be brothers!
    Dee Dee

  2. It's funny you call your home "Animal Kingdom". It portrays a great picture.
    Glad to hear things are going smoothly.

  3. Are they ever cute!!
    Our two slept in our room with us for a long time, but after the kids came along, we successfully moved the crates downstairs and they've been fine with that ever since. Having each other for company will help!


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