Welcome Jackson
Today I traveled to Lewisburg, PA, about 2 hours from our home, to see the two little shih tzu's that were available for adoption.  Prior to leaving the house my husband told me, and I quote, "do not come home with both".  When I saw the two together you could see they were already bonding so it was difficult not to take both.  For once I listened to my husband.  So Bud, if you are reading my blog mark your calendar that today, May 14, 2010 I listened to your words of wisdom.  It may never happen again!!  LOL.... 

Jackson's story....He is 2 years old and weighs about 12 pounds; he came from a back yard breeder.  For 2 years he spent his days in a cage, never being held, never having a clean bed, probably never a bath.  Bless Susan for taking him and 4 others from this person.  Susan gave him a much needed haircut and bath and this week he was neutered.  So although Jackson is 2 yrs old it is like having a breaking, walking on lease, leaving to love being held.  He does like the car which is a good thing, because he will be going to Florida come winter time that is one very, very long drive.  So now the process begins and the new bonding begins with Colby which will take time.

So stay tuned for pictures of Colby and his new brother Jackson.  He looks like Colby, black and white just smaller.  Colby looks like the Jolly Green Giant next to Jackson.....too funny.  Have a great weekend....


  1. Oh Happy Day!

    Jackson is one very fortunate puppy. So how is the transition going and does Colby like Jackson?
    But the way, Jackson is a great name.

  2. Congratulations Jackson on winning the jackpot lottery. You are one very lucky puppy!!!!!! You won't know how to act with so much love coming your way. Looking forward to meeting you in person.

    Aunt Gwyn

  3. Ah....another lottery winner in the house!!!! Welcome Jackson! Theta

  4. I'm so glad you finally got your new little family member! He's so lucky to have found you!


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