New addition update....

...adding to the existing 4 legged creatures could be closer than I realize.  No, it's not Mushi or Christmas Cookie or even Trevor.  They are two little dogs that were rescued from a back yard breeder.  Now I'm only taking one because my husband would blow a gasket if I came home with both of them.  Although it could be tempting.  Here is a picture their foster mom sent me.  Right now their names are Meatball and Taco but as I  will be changing his name.  I'm leaning towards Trevor or Tanner but that too could change.

So on Friday Colby and I will be taking a road trip, 2 hours west of our Pennsylvania home, to meet these little fur kids and see, hopefully, which one he gets along with.  You never know he may not like either of them. 

So remember if you thinking of adding a pet to your home and not sure if you want the puppy route, look into adopting.  There are so many pets out there that need furever homes and got to where they are due to no fault of their own. So stay tuned for pictures....hopefully....Jude


  1. This is exciting!
    Come on Colby, pick both!

  2. I'm with Christine... think we can convince my uncle? They are so cute, can't wait to see who comes home! I'm right there with you... We are not puppy people, ohhh they're cute, but I don't deal well with the work that comes with them! The last three dogs we have adopted were all 1 year or older! And all have been great dogs!
    Dee Dee

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