Hot and humid sunrise....

This was Thursday's sunrise at about 6AM.  Just another hot and humid day in the mid-Atlantic.  The temperature was already in the mid 70's.  Now I do know a little geography and I do know that Pennsylvania has not moved into the southern region of the country; at least last time I checked.  Our temperatures are more like Florida the past month without the threat of hurricanes or even afternoon thunderstorms.

So while we get a wee bit of a break today, Friday, meaning lower humidity it will only be back tomorrow.  I did see a weather report for next week with temperatures in the mid 70's.  I could have been dreaming about temperatures in the 70's.  So I will wait and see. 

So to my followers in the other regions of the country that are getting rain, please, please send it our grass is already turning brown and that usually happens in August....Have a great day!!  


  1. Ahhh, since school has been out... I've yet to see a sunrise! Yours is pretty! Sorry about the hot will be the same here on Saturday! See you soon!

  2. Oh Jude -- you might as well be here in Ft Myers ;>

  3. I'd be happy to send our weather your way. the month of June has been rainy, windy and temps in the high 50s-low 60s. The sun has finally peaked out today, and I'm wearing sandals, but I'm not optomistic for the weekend.

  4. Hot and humid in Ohio also. Have to water the garden on a daily basis.

  5. Sunrise at 6 a.m.? My favorite part of the day no matter what the temperature. On second thought , only if the temperature is over 6o degrees . . .

  6. Here is the Pacific Northwest we are famous for rain, and that's what we have,lots of rain.
    Going outside and going to huff and puff our clouds of rain your way!

    Your sunrise picture is awesome.

  7. You are so, so welcome to the rain we've had almost non-stop here for most of the month! We're finally getting some beautiful weather today so I'm taking my little one to the water park to play.
    Beautiful sunrise photo!


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