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I was looking at the various types of photography software and there are many.  Plus which one is the one for me.  After reading Hey Harriet's blog and looking at how neat her photo's were in a collage.  I sent a quick email to Hey Harriet asking her what she used.  She replied with her choice of Picasa.  She indicated that it is easy to use plus and a big plus at that...it is free

After downloading and then adding all my photos to it, which I have realized I have a lot, I just created this little collage of my lillies. I know it is not all that but I'm still in a learning curve and it was very easy.  So stop on over to http://heyharriet.blogspot.com and check out what she is up to.  Have a great day....

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to check this out! Free is awesome! Another fun free site for mosaics is bighugelabs.com
    Your photo's look great!

  2. Hi Jude -- I use Picasa too sometimes, but don't have any idea how you created this great collage; mine never look like that. I'll have to spend more time looking at that program. I love free too!

    Evening storms continue here near your winter home!

  3. I use Picasa but I have not tried out this feature yet. Your collage looks pretty.

  4. I use Picasa all the time. Several ways to make collages. I put a new header up that is a composite collage using 4 photos. You also might want to check our Microsoft Picture It Photo premium 9 also free. Good job with your collage


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