A challenge to all....

We've all read about,we've all heard it on the news, and we have possibly seen it in our own neighborhoods.  People losing their jobs and homes.  Unfortunately it is not over as our economy struggles and companies struggle to keep their employees and there are many of us, myself included, that wish we did not have to see it take place.  People struggling to put food on their table for their families. The Soup Kitchens across the country struggling because their donations are down, the food banks that have shut their doors because their shelves are empty.

So my challenge to you is this and very simple.  My family has decided that for the next 52 weeks we will set aside one non-perishable food item a week and 52 weeks from today, November 27, 2010 we will donate our collection of non-perishable items to a local food bank.

Don't think you can do this but would like to try, then think smaller, maybe every other week or once a month.  Think about all the unused items we may have purchased at the store that we thought about "oh that sounds yummy let's get it".  You know we have all done that.  Then the item sits there in our pantries and kitchens and finally we think maybe it's too old and we toss it out. Maybe we should have eaten before we headed out to the grocery store.  I know I'm guilty. 

So to my few blogger friends and to your blogger friends and their blogger friends I ask you that if this challenge calls to your heart then game one!  I am challenging YOU! 

Let the blogger community make a difference this time next year!!!!  Happy food collection!! 


  1. One day at a time ~ the perfect way to approach any task and . . . this is a noble task.

  2. A great idea Jude. And I know that the FoodBank here in Eugene (where we used to volunteer when we lived here) always gets low on donations AFTER the Christmas Holidays -- people tend to be generous around Christmas and then forget.

  3. I love this idea. I'm going to give it a try!


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