Happy ending....

While my daughter and I were out running errands yesterday we came across a small dog wondering the streets of our local town.  After realizing there were no humans following this dog that we were watching in our rear-view mirror we diverted off course and headed back to track the dog.  Luckily we were able to catch it without anyone getting bit. 

We drove around the area we found her unable to find her owner.  We returned home to place her in Dexter's crate for a short time.  Calling the non-emergency police number to leave a message, calling the local humane society to leave a message and of course placing an ad on Craigslist we then returned to our destination. 

Lucky for the dog her owner also called the non-emergency police number to report their dog was missing and about an hour later everyone was happily reunited.  Sad story though.  The dog recently lost her best friend, the owner's wife, and was out looking for her. 

Here is a picture of the pup..    Happy ending........


  1. We found a dog in our yard one day, called the number on the dog's tag and left several messages. Woops - someone was dog sitting while the owners were on vacation and didn't want the owners to know the dog was lost. Sorry about that. After several hours we called the dog warden. Wish we had done that sooner as the people looking for her had called the dog warden right away. Live and learn.

    Glad your story had a happy ending!

  2. What a big heart you and your daughter have.
    Dog lovers will do just about anything to help a stray.
    Dog lovers unite!

  3. What a poignant story! You and your daughter were local heroes for sure. I'm so glad the dog was returned to the widower -- he did not need any added heartbreak I'm sure.

  4. Aww--poor thing! We forget that dogs are deeply affected by the loss of a loved one too. But what a great thing you did, reuniting her with her owner. Good for you!

  5. I love reuniting dogs with owners! What a sweet face on that little pup! Congrats on success, knowing you, you might have been trying to talk Uncle Bud into a third dog!


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