Yet another new hobby....

Sewing, I really did not like it in school and never pursued it; that is until now.
Since the pet industry is selling billions and billions every year I thought I would try join in on some of that cash.  So I am now attempting to make simple pet stuff. We are starting off with pet bandannas.  Not just cutting the material with pinking shears; we are doing two-sided ones.  A print on one side and plain on the other and then sewing velcro on so it is easier to put on and off.  My daughter, Jennifer, tells me she is going to assist me.  We shall see since she has never sewn before.  So in our first attempt to make a scarf Dexter was feeling like he needed to assist....

Okay let me get the material positioned just right.....

Mom can you reach the pedal for me....
my finished project.  Don't I look so darn cute...


  1. Good for you to start sewing again. Dexter looks pretty happy with his accomplishment.
    Where are you planning on selling them?

  2. Cute scarfs.
    An all metal sewing machine? Now how old is that?!

  3. What a great idea--the scarf looks great! And you've got the right idea--start out fairly simple, and before you know it you'll be sewing dog houses! Good luck!


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