Learning how to take pictures....

on my Nikon D5000 without always using Auto mode.   What a great thought and lucky for my one of the blogs that I follow; Simplicity  does just that.  Offers eclasses for a small fee.  So I signed up....waited for the first assignment and well...so much to learn just about my camera; and that will be another class.  Maybe some one on one instruction. 

Plus after I signed up for the class I started a job working full-time, something I have not done in about 12 plus years.  OMG....  It will be challenging for me to get down for the class that I need to and I'm already behind....

So I think I linked my Flickr page to my Facebook page and my blog page but who really knows.  I will have to have someone check my Facebook and blog to see if I'm really linked to Flickr.  Hope you can follow that.

Here is my photo buddy, his name if Ali E. Gator. You will see him throughout my class.  I will need to get a can of Scotchguard for when he does go outside.  Have a great week and remember....
Life is good!!!


  1. Well, you've been busy!
    Photography classes and a job!
    So do tell, what kind of job to you take?
    Does that mean you will live in Florida year round?

  2. Christine, I work in a medical billing office. I've helped them out over the past several years on a part time basis and they offered me full time, what was I thinking! HAHA... I told them I would work til the end of May. They did inquire if I could stick it out for maybe a year with about 3 months off in the summer to head north...but I'm having a difficult time convincing my husband.

  3. Wow, a job, full time what ever are the puppies doing while you are gone? Can't wait to see all you learn doing your class! You already take such great photos!
    Dee Dee

  4. You've been busy! Good luck managing the new job and the photography class! Your photos are always beautiful, so I'm betting you'll do just fine in your class.


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