Hello....I'm still here...

I know you think I may have won the lottery, changed my name and gotten that long over due face lift.  HA!.  Well, think again.  I may have won the lottery, yes a free ticket here and there and the name and face change well that's on hold!!! 

After so many years of not punching the clock to now working full time, whew am I tired. 

I just wanted to let my faithful followers know that I'm still here, charging the batteries in my cameras and making a list of ideas to blog about.  Right now it's a short list...not enough coffee yet.

So stay tuned, check back  and a great weekend to all. 


  1. It`s the same for many of us, I think. I`ve been pretty low on the posting lately too. When the sun comes out, I`m hoping my mojo will return!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Jude,
    I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, today!
    I hope you have something fun planned or special.
    You appearing again, is a good present for all of us in blog land. Thanks!

  3. Best wishes in the new job - those darn pennies come in so handy, don't they?! Come back to us when you are ready.

  4. In my wildest imagination I don't think I would ever have been able to blog back when I was still working. I think about ideas for blogging at night when I can't sleep. Most of them sound too hard in the cold light of morning. (And I have -- or should have -- all the time in the world... I'm not sure where time goes or what I do with it, but I still seem to run out.)

    Take good care, don't work Tooo hard! And Happy Easter if I don't talk to you in the meantime.


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